Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nerd Fun

Okay, so this is what a month of sporadic working out and no eating get you....
back to square one.

Well, at least, I don't have all the fat to lose once again, it's just the muscle building again.
I will be beginning my nutrition plan that I got the day I found out (all the previous stuff you've read about) tomorrow.
This weekend, my husband took me to nerd-y heaven, Denver's First Comic Con.
I can say James Marsters is just as freaking hot as he was all those years ago on Buffy and Angel.
Just a little more rugged with age and with brown hair.... Mmmmm....
Those who don't know, he was Spike on Buffy and Angel.
Hubby knew I just wanted to be creepy old lady and go run and rub myself all over him, hahaha.
The funny part was, hubby was like, go run and do it!
If there weren't so many volunteer security people around, I would have totally gone perv!!
This is what he looked like except in a nice tight black tee.....

Then, I had to ogle Kristin Bauer van Straten "Pam" from True Blood.
She was 1000x more gorgeous than on TV.

I have decided that next year, I will dress up and have music following me.  I will more than likely be a Star Wars character, sexay style and have these songs following me.
That is, if I am not in a booth with my podcast....
the Pipe Dream (lpmpodcast!)
But, we have to cast more than we have....

And just for my morbid sense of humor and the Zombie Bath Salts incident!  Here's his newest!

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FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

Oh boy, the veggie in me is really struggling with that last song! LOL!!!