Friday, 20 April 2012

New Thoughts and goals...

My new goals now that I'm pretty much leaned out is grow!
Getting some muscles is the plan.
This means way more food, more variety of food, way less cardio and a full day of eating what I want!

But more importantly, I want to know the in's and out's.
I love the way my coach works.
Really, I never cut foods out during my prep - except the last 3 days.
It never got extreme or unhealthy.
When reading other competitors' sites/blogs, I cannot believe the restricted and crazy diets they do for 12 weeks or more.  Let's not even go into the crazy workouts like 2 a days (an hour of cardio in the morning, an hour of cardio at night, then weights squeezed in).  
I just can't even imagine it.
Now, granted, I didn't "place well" in my first competition, but I thoroughly enjoyed my journey and knew going in what my weaknesses were.
I knew that I'd have to work on those for the future.
In fact, all the judges feedback so far has been exactly what I knew my weaknesses were.

Now, I want to learn more about nutrition, especially for athletes and body builders.
I want to know the science of what works for what.
I want to know more.
I'm very lucky that a friend of mine provided me with two pretty new science text books on the subject.  I like facts.  I like formulas and theories and actual labs and results.

My coach knows this and has begun to point me in the direction for more education on it.
She's giving me names, organizations, certification programs and such.

I'm hungry for knowledge.
I'm wanting to know more than the "typical" diets and "typical" proteins.
I'm curious about vegetarian, vegan and raw body builders.
I think if I can learn the macros and amounts and such, that playing with menus will become super fun and could have some different meals to introduce into competitors' diets.

I'm also toying with the ideas of giving fun classes to learn how to prepare the "typical" foods in fun new ways as to not be bored with the "typical" diets.
We've discussed doing something like that in the near future too.

In the meantime, I'm on the hunt for reliable and legitimate books on the subject -
not all the stupid fad diet books.


Tenecia said...

Love that you're hungry for knowledge!!


Andrea Lianne said...

Good for you! What great goals to have :)