Friday, 6 April 2012

Holy Jelly Beans!!! Tomorrow begins my Peak Week

This so rocks!! Tomorrow starts my Peak Week. Still only 30 minutes of cardio a day, in a lower Target Heart Rate Zone even, weights - but less (she made me a super awesome plan),& of course, still practice my routine. And I'm only really changing my diet slightly for 3 days next week!  Besides adding more & more asparagus.  I'm going to smell lovely everytime that I go pee, lol  Friday rest & reload (among 1st tannings, competitor check-in and meeting). I feel so lucky in what I've been doing and that my coach has made me go slow & steady. So freaking exciting!!! Plus, one of my besties is flying in next Friday for the weekend too!! WooHoo!!
 I honestly never thought that I would be doing this or get here.
I'm honestly sort of amazed, lol.
Next week, another body fat check, weigh in, dress rehearsal of routine and posing.  We'll see how I'm doing and see if any tweaks to diet need to be made.  Of course, the whole "dehydrating" thing sort of freaks me out.  But I know if I feel dizzy, sick, nauseous, etc., drink some!  Plus, we don't start that until closer to the show date at the end of the week.  
Ok, nerves are a little up, but it will be okay.
I am approaching this as a conservative burlesque show - even though during the posing, I have probably worn more on stage in burlesque!  Even if I mess up my routine, the judges and audience don't know that.  I will just keep on and make sure to get my strength and flexibility moves in and throw out dance choreography if need be.
Today's stats
99.5 lbs and down to 15.21% body fat.
I don't think that I weighed this little since the 90's!! 


Melissa Cunningham said...

happy peak week!!!!!!

Andrea Lianne said...

Happy Peak Week! YOU MADE IT!!!! *hugs*

Michelle in N. Cal said...

Coming out of lurking to say CONGRATS! Happy peak week! :-)

Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Soooo awesome : )

Tenecia said...

Happy Peak Week!!!


v8grrl said...

how is the shoe walking going?

Lapetitemort said...

Thank you ladies!!

Myssi, stripper shoe walking going excellent!