Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 135 ~ Body Stats & happiness over kids' jeans

Yesterday was body stat day!
I am 16.49% body fat!
I'm hoping that by next week, I can make it into that 15% range.
I will not deny that I'm a little excited by this.
I may do some bikini pictures soon.

In other news, I did buy a new pair of jeans....
At GAP Kids, hahaha
It was a little weird going in and having the sales people ask to help and me having to tell them that I was there for me.
They looked a little weirded out and told me they didn't carry Kids 16 in the store, that I should go online, but feel free to look about and try things on.
Wound up with a size 14 flare leg jean -
(I could fit in the 12's but they were a wee bit tight. Though in two weeks, I'm sure they would fit!
I'm thinking that where I'm at about now, is probably close to what I'll be off-season - give or take a pound.)

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