Friday, 23 March 2012

21 Days ~ 3 Weeks and counting

So, yeah, there were no changes on Monday to my weight and body fat.
So, we're tweaking the diet.
Starting a little carb depleting, then some reloading later.
Really, though, it seems like I'm still getting a decent amount of carbs, so
I'm not feeling it ...yet.

I saw her again on Wednesday for more posing and routine practice.
We're changing some of the moves.
Just when I think I'm getting it down, hahaha.

I'm borrowing my suit next week from my designer to let my coach see me at posing practice.
My designer is basically done, but she saw me at a show that I went to watch this weekend, and she would rather do alterations the week of my show because I have and am leaning out so much.
That's good, no?
Then, I'll bring her back my suit the next day.

I've got some swvardski (?) rhinestones to begin embellishing my routine costume.
Though, I'll be making alterations on that too.
Coach thinks I should pad my top a little (floppy English muffins!) and shorten the front of my skirt.
I know that I'll be buying more rhinestones but I bought al the store had yesterday.

I also booked my spray tanning for the night before and the next morning.
I have my entry form all made out, check filled out, and in the envelope.
Now, I just have to mail it.
Why am I not throwing it in there?
Putting it in my gym bag to pass by the post office this morning.

Tuesday was our anniversary.
Funny, we didn't do anything, though I know hubby wanted to go out to eat.
I think he's a little disappointed that I'm actually completely sticking to my diet.
Though, we've still gone out to eat.  I've just gotten some protein plain and grilled or broiled and either plain salad or steamed veggies - no butter.
It's kind of good in a way that he has to work this weekend.
No temptation.
Even though I'm meeting girlfriends for brunch Sunday, my plan is to order something to go and bring it home for the hubby.
It's my plan, besides a plain side salad.

See, there has been nothing too exciting going on this week.
Hopefully, next week things will be more interesting.
I'm really looking forward to more changes.


Lacey said...

Yay!! Sounds like you're doing so good! Sorry I haven't been around lately to comment, but I'm always keeping up. :) You're going to rock it lady!

Lapetitemort said...

Thanks Lacey!