Monday, 26 March 2012

18 Days! Newest Body Stats

Only 18 days.....
and all I can think about is this

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The funny part is that I really only eat them one time a year,
which happens to fall right around now and 7 days before my competition.
At least, I'll be able to get them on sale after!

But, I've found out that, for me, I get to have fun foods during the day of my competition.
I thought I even heard Snickers mentioned.... 
We talked a little about that because for Fitness, you need to be lean, but you need the energy to perform your routine twice that day and to do posing twice....
Honestly, I kind of stopped hearing after I heard "Do you like Snickers?"

We talked after competition maintenance.
I get my cheat meal after and my brunch the next day, then it's back to my previous diet.
By previous, I mean the one that got me to the point of before last week, before we began tweaking.
We'll get it all ironed out because I'll be seeing her everyday the week of my competition and then I'll see her sometime during the week afterwards.
By the way, more food this week, huzzah!

I'm probably going to go light the week after my competition, in terms of exercise.
Not as much cardio and maybe a little less intense on weights to give my body a little break.
we're going to start planning nutrition to pack on more muscle for future competitions.  Plus, I just want to get better and learn more moves.

For those interested, I found out that my coach does online coaching!
She'll do nutrition, workout plans, even posing all online!
So, get in touch with Tiffany Yee at Body Statement Gym if you're curious or have thought of competing, whether it be bikini, figure, fitness, whatever!

Still a little bummed that my body fat only dipped a little, but I lost nearly 4 pounds.

Body Fat = 16.4%
Weight = 102 pounds
Chest = 31.5"
Waist = 24.5"
Hips = 31"

We're trying to keep my muscle up and maybe grow a little in the next 18 days.
I am also practicing my routine daily and posing.
I foresee me being very tired, lol.
It's a.o.k. though, because for some masochistic reason, I'm loving it.

Oh, and now, this is in my brain....

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Andrea Lianne said...

Omgoodness I am 8 weeks out and all I can think about is food! hahah

18 days! You got this!

Athena said...

It's so funny how we all crave different things... kinda like being pregnant I guess. 17 days now!! So exciting!

Tenecia said...

Mmm...Snickers Dark...get in my belly!!!