Wednesday, 28 March 2012

16 Days?!

Wowsa, it's getting close!
I got my most magnificent posing suit yesterday from Laura Richards - Suit Yourself Posing Suits.
Is it so fab and bling-y or what?


I couldn't get the bottom on my dress form pretty, but trust me, gorgeous!
Soooooooo sparkley!

She also gave me the pink 12 Pack Cooler with her company logo.
Shweet!  As I have been eye-ing those things up big time.
I'm sure backstage at the show, though, there will be many, many of them.
I'll have to personalize mine with my name....... in bling!

These are a few pics of me being silly from yesterday.
Notice, I have lost all boobs.

Now, below, I'm looking all mad and boooooo because I want my arms to look better.

Now, here I am saying, "Are you guys going to grow or what?"

Though today we had posing practice (after my arms and cardio at the other gym I workout at), and coach says my Model T and Back are nailed and I'm "there" up top and my calves too.  That was music to my ears.... now if my stupid quads would keep up the pace, and my derriere. 
At least, I still have a little time to work it hard!
She's been bringing me out to the other weight rooms to practice too.
Gotta not care about people staring at you in a rhinestoned teeny, tiny suit and clear stripper shoes.
Plus, she would rather me practice now without a mirror so that I can "feel" the poses and just fall into them.
Ninja training, I tell you.

We took new progress pictures today.  Then I got to practice for the first time in my new posing suit.
I loves it and didn't want to take it off.
We were going to do my routine, but poor coach got a call and her place flooded - busted pipe.
So, I practiced some moves there, then came home and added an intro blip to my music and just got done mixing it back and burning it.

Now, off to practice more!

Here's a pic I snapped while waiting to take more progress pics.
Doesn't everyone walk around the gym in a bikini?
If you look on the floor, you can see the tons of stuff I bring, including my Buffy stake for my routine, lol.


Melissa Cunningham said...

looking GREAT!!!!!!!!!
16 days will fly by,and most of the detail work will really pop out those last 10 days before the show!!!
keep rocking the workouts and practicing your poses and routine!
you will be aweosme on stage-no doubts!!!

Lapetitemort said...

Thank you!! I am determined to be the best that I can be. =) Thank you so much for the words of encouragement too, means the world to me!

Tenecia said...

When I saw the pic of your suit that you posted on fb, I started looking at all of the suits she has available. If I compete next year, I have my eye on one of her designs :)

And I can't wait to see you in your sparkly suit! It's gonna be awesome!


Lapetitemort said...

T. None of her suits are over $600, either. She works within all sorts of budgets and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm super lucky to have her! =D

Donloree said...

Ok that suit is gorgy! Wow, I love it. You're doing awesome, awesome, awesome!!

And yes, all the boobs run away. HAH!