Thursday, 9 February 2012

Making Valentines

Yeah, I'm a little late on it.
Since my parents and my aunt don't have a computer, I can post stuff for them here.
I decided to try and make some valentines this year.
I procrastinated, as usual.
They are still drying, and I may add a little more.
This means that they won't get in the mail until tomorrow.
Gosh only knows how long it will take them to get to their destinations in different parts of Louisiana.
If I had begun early enough, I would have sent them out to all of my friends too.
Time to begin planning ahead and more efficiently!

As you can tell, all I did was cut some construction paper with decorative shears.
I cut out various words and pictures from local papers and glued them on.

I added a few sequins and ribbon.
Not fancy, but it gave me practice and ideas for other holidays and events.

Plus, it's about time I start using all of the crafty items shoved everywhere around my house~

I'm also giving a go at making a little fire brick from some shredded paper.
Suffice it to say, that I know now that I will need to shred far more in order to fill a bread loaf pan with my drippy remnants!
More on that in the future.

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Athena said...

Nice! What the heck is a fire brick? Is it just... what it sounds like?