Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 106 ~ Body Stats and dipping my toe in to acupuncture

This morning I met for my weekly small group training - all 2 of us, haha.
My poor trainer.
I say this because I had to give him the list of my restrictions from my doctor.
(I went to see the doctor after, so more on that later.)
It was a little funny because he'd have to stop and go, "No wait, you can't do that."
Then he'd pop out with some modified exercise.
Let me tell you that I still was winded and tired afterwards!
I then did my allowed cardio, I've been walking on the treadmill at an incline of 12% to 15% in order to get my heart rate up to my target zone.
(Maybe tomorrow I'll give the bike a go, or even the elliptical.)
Then, it was
dum, dum, dum....
body fat check and weigh in time!

I will not lie.
I had some off limits foods last week.
I think between the crazy snow and feeling bummed about my restricted workout intensity,
my psyche was affected.
So, yeah, I had some whole grain bread and a little too much wine.
But I told her about it, confession if you will.

So, in the past week, I'm down
0.58% body fat and 1/2 a pound.

New numbers are 110 pounds and 18.23% body fat.

If I hadn't allowed myself a meltdown last week, I do believe those numbers would have been stupendously better.  Wait is "stupendously" even a word?  Oh well, I like it.

I've climbed back on my little bicycle and riding on.
I had my chiro appointment after all of this.

Side note: Did I mention that I had my first ever massage last week?
That was awesome!
And it helped tremendously!
Back to the doctor appointment.
The muscle and joint are getting better.
It's still best not to push it and allow it to heal fully.
I will be still following their advice and keeping my workouts less intensive.
I've learned that it is okay (especially if I keep my diet in check!)
I got all my treatments, plus a little acupuncture in my sacroiliac joint.
May I say that acupuncture is amazing!
I swear you can feel something going on once the pins are in.
It does feel sooo much better.
I will be getting another massage soon too.
I'm going to try and keep this body happy with all of the work that I'm making it do!
Tomorrow, I get to try on my bikini!
(That got rescheduled because of our crazy snow storm Friday.)

Friday, posing and choreography - continued!


Lacey said...

Stupendously is a word. :)

Man, everytime you post your body stats, all I can think is "She's TINY!" Said one shorty to another shorty. ;) Haha! You're gonna be all of 100 lbs when you're done dropping fat!

Athena said...

I'm glad the massage and acupuncture helped. *sigh* "too much wine" sounds soooo good right now! Oh, I saw your suit at Laura's today - it's purdy!

Lapetitemort said...

But I love when others are shorties, Lacey!! Then I can compare and not feel quite as tiny, lol!

Athena, I can't wait to see my suit once it's done. =D I'm like my ferrets with the shiny!