Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Non-Fitness Related Post ~ Dreamin'

Did I ever tell you that after we returned to Louisiana after Katrina that we lived in a vintage Avion for about 6 or 7 months?
It's true!
It sort of looked like this.

Sadly, we have no photos of her.
We sold her once we moved to Colorado.

It really scratched my vintage love itch.

However, it brings me to the much crazed Tiny House furor.
The husband and I often think back to that time and reminisce.
It was much simpler.
Before that we lived in a 700 sq. foot condo.
It was actually quite large to us.

Now, here we are in a house, almost double that size, and all we've done is collect more stuff.
Really, stuff we really don't need.
Cool stuff, but just stuff.

We have been debating downsizing again.
I garden, veggie and fruit style, when the weather is conducive to it here.
I grew up with chickens, for eggs.
My mom often cooked on a wood burning stove in the winters.

We both like, old ways for doing things.
I have a clothes line, or hang inside when it's snowy/icy out.
We don't own a microwave.
We compost.
We up-cycle furniture, clothing or try to find new uses for things.

So, we've been talking Tiny House.
My background is drafting.
I've designed houses.
I've designed much, much more.

We peruse the fancy internet looking at tiny houses, gypsy caravan houses and even vintage trailers that have been revamped.
It's a little dream.
I often say, "We can have a huge garage sale and just sell everything."
Will that actually happen?
I doubt it.

But we sit and doodle plans, talk whether we want it to be permanent on acreage or mobile to become travelers of the country. 

We've also had dreams of living on a house boat.
Even checked one out at one time, but our future was up in the air.

Oh, dream the literally little dream....


SusieQT said...

That sounds so nice! I really want a vintage trailer.

Athena said...

That does sound nice! I'm sure you'll make it happen.

I wish I could have a garden and chickens etc. where I live - but at 9,000 feet nothing grows except pine trees and my chickens would freeze. Part of the reason we're planning on moving to California next year! And I want goats.

Lapetitemort said...

In the county we live in, there is an absolutely no chicken law. =\ I also want goats. I would love nubian milking goats!
Ah California!
I'm from New Orleans so I miss the warmth and all year growing season!

Susie, there are some wonderful vintage trailers out there! I browse far too much!