Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Minor Setback, but Good Stuff Too

A little wrench has been thrown into my plans.
The entry form came out today for the competition that I wanted to do on March 18th.
I'm reading through and notice there's no information listed for Fitness.
So, I contacted them, and sure enough, this show will have no Fitness Division.
I was assured, though, that the show in April will.
So, new plan and almost a month's more time to prep!

Sure, I'm a little disappointed, but I thought about the extra time and think that I can get even better in almost a month's time!  Time to put in the extra!

I met today with one of the most rad people ever!
She's making my posing suit.
She was so freaking awesome.
We got along famously, and she is so helpful.
She invited me to join in their gymnastics class - for fitness competitors who, 
um, don't have that background and may need a little extra help, lol.

Plus, we talked nerd a lot and have a ton in common.

It wasn't as bad as I thought either, trying on a suit.  
My hips and ass aren't quite as horrid as I imagined.
It was overwhelming to have so many fabrics and sparklies and designs to choose from.
I'm meeting with her for the fitting of my suit when I meet up for a gymnastics class with her.
So exciting.
It makes it feel all the more real.

Well, that's what's up today.
New goal date
April 14th

New countdown
86 Days or 2 months 26 days

Let's Rock 


Athena said...

Ooo I bet it was fun to pick out your suit! Can't wait to see it! Sorry about the setback, but like you said more time to prep. I love the shoes too!

FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

Wrenches aren't always bad. Good for you for putting a positive spin on it and looking at the extra time as an opportunity to kick even more butt. "Cause your awesome... I always tell you how cool you dress"... ;)

Lapetitemort said...

thanks ladies!
i'm trying to keep it positive, but i'm still a teeny bit disappointed.