Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 97 ~ Push Ups

You know, starting this journey I could not do one real push up.
And here I am mangling the one arm push up, working on a zig-zag push up and now that I have mastered an head stand, aspiring toward the hand stand push up.

Who would have thunk it?!

Yeah, probably won't get that by the time of my first competition, but there's no harm in trying, right?

Unfortunately, at the time, I am nursing a lower back/hip injury, just soft tissue.  
It's nothing major, just annoying as hell.
I do not have to stop, just lighten up.
That's also annoying as hell.
I want to do more, lift more, work harder, faster,
it hurts when I do.
I decided to take today and tomorrow off, or just as very light active days.
Today, all I did was head to the state park with one of the pups and the husband and hit the trails.
Uncomfortable, but at least active.

I go back this coming week for two more check ups and treatments....
plus I already had a massage scheduled.

Yesterday was shadow/teaching then choreography.
Choreography was awesome, even if I couldn't go full force.
I realized there is so much that I can and will be able to do in my routine that I would have never dreamed of three months ago.  Plus, so much that is not required in an amateur show!
Even though the first show that I am competing in IS a national qualifier.
I feel that I must show that I CAN do the moves even if it's not required of me.

On the good, I got some extra contract work.
Even if I was not expecting it at this time.
As usual, no notice, just POW here it is.
I'll get it done.
I just had to tell them that I had already planned out this upcoming week and had appointments every day so I would not be available to be at anyone's beck and call, but the work would be done and delivered to them within their time restrictions, no worry.

So extra $$$ is super nice.

And that my dear friends is Day 93.

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The Glamorous Housewife said...

It is amazing what the body can do. Take it easy and I am sure you will kick ass soon.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

ps: I actually worked out 4 days last week! LOL!