Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 82 ~ Dance, Dance, Dance

Up at 4:30 this morning so that I could get downtown to set up to help teach boot camp this morning.
I'm getting a little better, smoother, but still a ways to go.
Thank goodness for the head coaches who help me, give me pointers and encourage me.
Then, I headed back toward my end of town to hit the gym.
Legs and cardio today.
I had a little time before my choreography session, so I spent some extra time stretching and working on those ever looming strength moves.
Then, I ate M2 in my vehicle, called my mom while chowing in the parking lot and headed
back downtown to get my boogie on.

Now, this is being overly generous.
I'm a slow learner and quite awkward when picking up steps.
I have to get my counts and moves down.
Then, I speed them up to the actual beats of the music as I practice.
So today while we were coming up with steps and where to put moves, 
we counted and went over it slowly.
Then when we threw on the music,
I looked like this

I rock, most awesomely.
I tripped over my feet a lot.
I know the moves, the counts and can work on them slowly until I speed them up with the music.
Practice, practice.

I get to help put in my own moves too.
Although, my quirky self may be hilarious during the routine.
I do not own sexy well.

The great news is that I am picking up strength moves and some more flexibility moves within a few tries.
YaaY me!

I finally counted down too.
65 Days
I grabbed a ticker.
I love candy corn.
And jelly beans.
And Twizzlers.


Athena said...

Hmm... you are a burlesque dancer and you don't own sexy well? Sorry, don't buy it! That's a pretty awesome picture though - the couple dancing. LOL. Glad you are feeling more comfortable with your routine!

v8grrl said...

I think you should do the dance from Napolean Dynamite….and add some hot moves