Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 80 ~ What's Up

I get up this morning before 5am since I am helping teach boot camp downtown today.
I look out the window, all is good.
I leave around 5:15, a few flurries.
No biggie.

I come out a little after 7am.
Sneaky snow.
I won't complain or bore you with tales of my precarious ride home.
I will say, however, that though it took me well over an hour to get back to my part of town, with a few yikes situations, I found the need to stop at the gym anyway.
The best part?
Ghost Town!

I popped out my chest and cardio.
Then, I hogged an area in the group fitness room and practiced my strength moves in the wall to wall mirrors.
There were two guys in there doing their thing.
I was a little self-conscious at first, but then thought "What the Heck! This is for everyone's use."
I stole a few glances, and like true gym rats, they could care less what I was doing.
I did a little plyo and cardio at boot camp this morning.
I still have snow to shovel, but am waiting for it to slack up a bit.

In efforts to look a little cuter at the gym, this is what I wore yesterday.
The top was given to me by a friend.
I kind of love it, a ton.
(I <3 hand me downs.)
The pants, I've had about three years.
They used to be full length, but over time they became worn and shorter length.
So, I chopped and hemmed them to be capri length.

The bottoms of said pants became this sports bra that I made.

I really should make more.  
I'm making an effort to buy less clothing this year.
I have a closet stuffed full of clothing, be it some is too large, but I should use my crafty-ness to create new things.

The exceptions are the competition wear.
I have an appointment next week to see about my posing suit and fitness routine outfit.
I will also have to go purchase my clear stripper shoes.
Sad, because I have an Imelda Marcos size shoe collection, including stripper shoes.
Unfortunately, none of the clear variety!

Where did I go wrong in my purchases, hahaha!

In case you're interested, here are my workout journals for the past two days.

Now, I'm off to clean house....
That's a joke with all this snow and two large dogs heading in and out of the doggie door.
So maybe, I'll bake!

I've been eying up this recipe for a while.
Maybe today will be the day to try it out!


pickles and plums said...

I made pants for my daughter out of that sugar skull material. It's fabulous. I really like what you've done with it.

Lapetitemort said...

Thanks! I actually made a dress from a vintage pattern out of it. I've been trying to get creative with my scraps!