Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 78 ~ Too Much Stuff!

Today I had my body stats and a training session.
So, in 6 days I lost 1.11% body fat?!
What, What?
Oh yeah, oh yeah!!
I did gain a pound.
Tiff was not concerned about that because all of my other measurements are doing exactly what they're supposed to, woot!

I know why up the pound too... 
I was too embarrassed to tell her.
Now for the "too much info" time. 
I hadn't pooped in days.
My cocktails sort of kept me regular, lol.
All of this clean eating with no alcohol to flush it out, clogged me up.
No worries though.
That problem has been remedied.
It has just taken a while to get my system, adjusted.
I'm pretty sure that I have lost the pound already and that this will not be a problem anymore.
My system is getting used to the diet, including the up in protein.

So, to celebrate I stopped today and got myself a treat!
I <3 Burt's Bees.
So, while I was at the store buying this.
Which by the way, I did not have to wind up using.
but it will be nice to have on hand, if the problem ever arises again.

I also picked up this!
(Pardon, this is after my workout)
Two different tinted balm and shimmers, on clearance to boot!
(Notice what's on the shelf above me, yeppers, Buffy!)
To up the reward,  I also bought a bar of natural soap that smells like heaven....
and food.

I spied this, 
 but decided not to splurge.
I have a deep adoration of Snoopy.
My bedroom was Snoopy & his sister Belle (did you know he had a sister?)
until far too late in my teen years.
I still love him.

Anyway, we still don't have to change my diet.
I don't have to increase my cardio.
Just do what I'm doing for the next week, and we'll check again.

I have to say, this has been a godsend to me lately.

I could probably make it myself judging from the ingredients, but
why?  It's yummy and works in my diet!

I am actually enjoying planning out my 6 day split.
I'll finish my plan for the week up today and make lists. =)
Today was legs.
Of course, I'll practice on my routine and do some stretching and work on moves.

Have a great one folks!!


FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

You're glowing, LPM! I think you might be a little excited too! ;) Rock on!

Roxie-Girl said...

Not pooping is no fun at all, been there, done that. Glad to hear you're back to normal.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I would definitely recommend Bare Minerals. It's all feels so, well, bare on my face. I hate that heavy feeling of makeup caked on my face.