Thursday, 19 January 2012

Behold the Shoes

Now, I'll have to sell some of the pairs of various ones that I've had for years, but have only worn once......

Yep, I own various colors and styles of stripper shoes.
Love the look, 
walk like a dork in 7" heels or higher.


Lacey said...

You're so cute. :)
Woot! I wear mine ALL the time, get used to walking in them on all kinds of surfaces.

Have you ever gone to Pin Up Girl Teehee! I think in another life I may have been a pin up. ;) Or maybe I should be in this life! Sorry, stream of consciousness writing. haha!

Lapetitemort said...

Yes!! I have a few dresses and skirts from there. Sadly, now they are too large, like really, really big. =(