Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Day 66 ~ Indulgences

Today was my last day of "member classes" in my paid instructor training.
I did pass my certification to be an instructor.
I will now begin shadowing.

So today was one our boot camp, run home, shove meal 2 in face, drink big cup of 1/2 decaf/1/2 regular black coffee, brush teeth and head to gym to meet friend for steady state cardio.
Fun, really!

So, I'm writing about indulgences.
I found out last night that my regular trainer is leaving for a new (you know, real more reliable job).
I was really comfortable with him.
I LOVE all the other trainers, but you know how it is when you workout with someone twice a week.
It's just like a friendship.
Good for him, but still booooooo.
So, I know that come next week it will become hard core mode.
It's wrong, but I'm indulging.
Indulging in....

Oh yeah.  You see, I'm always about 98% clean on food.
but oh, oh, vino, you tempt me.
Is this not the perfect name of a wine?
It's zin-ful!!!
So kill me, I like a good pun!

I'm not expecting to make great progress next week, but I'm already a month ahead of schedule.
(She should have never told me that!)

and once again, I'll miss St. Paddy's celebrations....
hey, but I have to skip that every year due to work and school or whatever!
oh, the night of the 18th, I think it will be AWESOME & EPIC!!
I don't anticipate to place because I know there will be others there who
are more experienced and talented, but
I will be there with game face on!!!

Oh, and just to add....
No guilt at this point for enjoying a little bit of holiday cheer!


Athena said...

Yay wine and being ahead of schedule and passing your test! Boo your trainer leaving! Hope you find someone else you connect with. I'm looking forward to getting into hard core contest prep too... kind of. :-\

Lapetitemort said...

Thanks. It will be fine. I like the other trainers and I know they'll kick my butt as well. I'm sure that we'll make that fun connection too once I'm working with them more and more. =)
Maybe last night's indulgences will keep me from over doing it this weekend!