Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 58 ~ Body Stat Update.

These are based on the same scale, calipers and such that we use every time.

December 6th
Body Weight = 113lbs
Body Fat = 26.04%
lbs in Body Fat = 29.43
lbs in Lean Muscle = 83.57

December 20th
Body Weight = 111.5lbs
Body Fat = 24.34%
lbs in Body Fat = 27.14
lbs in Lean Muscle = 84.37

We've met my January goals.
So, we've made new goals to lean out and will 
then work on my physique a little more.

I was just excited when I got undressed and she said,
"Look at your abs!"
Then, she pointed out that she could clearly see my triceps too.

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