Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 57 ~ Bah Humbug, but hey there's abs!

Just call me Ms. Grinch.
I have never been a super Christmas girl.
(I am all about Halloween.)
I think it's because of the way people change when out and about during this season.
They are anything but what Christmas is about.
I tend to observe them.
I see more road rage with tight pursed lips.
The same face exists in the stores as they try to run me over with their buggies
while I am perusing navel oranges, nudging and pushing at me as though the
pile of hundreds of sunny fruit in front of us will somehow disappear before they get one.
God help you on the baking aisle.

I send out cards.
I have more sentimental gifts that I send out to very few.
For instance, since I live about 1300 miles from my parents, we do not get to see them often.
I cannot travel down as much as I like.
Both, due to years as hard laborers and accidents at jobs and so forth, are not in the best physical shape to travel long distances.  My mom is bed bound at the moment with one leg not working and is looking toward
back surgery after years of trying to get around it.
So, I made them a photo album of crazy pictures of myself and hubby and fur babies.
Sweet pictures, nutty pictures, costumed pictures.
They loved it.
Other than them, I send my two godchildren cash.
And hubster, gets really weird items that other folks would think are just crazy for Christmas presents.
I try to stay out of stores from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas, going at really odd times to
get necessities.  Heck, I'll even go to a drugstore and pay more just to avoid the
insanity of pushing and shoving over a 50 cent made in China toy that I'm not going near, but will be tripped in order for someone to make a leap to swipe from the end of the aisle.
Yes, it's happened.

But that's how we are.
I am not into gift exchanges and such.
That's not what it's about to me.
I like to relax during the holidays.
Sure, I cook and make fancy things.
We're having a duck this year and probably a rabbit as well.
I'll bake.
We'll have wine.
My father-in-law will be with us.
No craziness. 
Maybe some Christmas music, the lights on our 4' silver pre-lit tree, fire in the fireplace,
conversation and laughs.
Phone calls to our family back in Louisiana.

I guess I'm not a complete grinch.
I'm just not so intertwined in the mass commercialism of the holiday.
I'm a bad consumer.

I am, however, super excited because we are starting to see my abs!
Merry Christmas to me!
I think that I'll have the six pack eventually afterall.

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