Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 47

I'm not sick, my nose is just overflowing with awesome.
Barney Stinson

 (ok, I just discovered this show and am obsessed with love for it)

Yep, that's about right.
I've been fighting against getting sick for a week now.
I think it's getting the better of me.
I decided to make today a light day.

I'm so awesome that it's overflowing down the back of my throat into my stomach and making me feel queasy.
I didn't think that I could handle boot camp this morning and chancing all that
awesome hurling out onto the gym floor.
I will be dosing up with vitamin C, echinachea and such to try and knock it out.
Instead, later today I'll spend some time stretching to work on my flexibility moves and then
my strength holds.  It seems I can never work too much on that.

Speaking of those, the fun stuff is about to begin.
Tiffany says my physique is coming along and once we get that,
um ~cough~ fat layer off, I'll be great.
My check this week had me at 113 pounds and 26.04% body fat.
That's not too shabby since I began at 121.5 pounds and 29.73% body fat on September 14th.

Things will definitely be tightening up with my diet and
~cough, cough~
I should begin to try and start losing 0.5% body fat every week.
I'm sure it will get really serious after the first of the year because I will
only have about 10 weeks....

I'm going to be entering the
Denver Novice BB/ FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships
on March 18th.

This leads me to the fun stuff.

Fitness Routine Planning!

Tiffany and I are planning on beginning with it in January.
I'm supposed to come in with my theme ideas, song ideas, any choreography (if I'd like to tackle some), costuming ideas.
We threw around a little the other night.
Now, my mind is spinning and the ideas are too numerous.
I was thinking of a flashback to the 80s/90s.
Something fun, silly, goofy.......
just like me.

If you have any fun ideas for songs, feel free to throw them my way. 
I may be handling this all wrong because I'm handling it
as though I were preparing a burlesque routine.
I listen to songs until one just hits me and I have visions of costuming and dance moves.

Oh and I do believe that my trainer Justin has taken it upon himself to kill me.
After coming in and telling him that I wasn't bad after our last workouts,
he has been coming up with some killer workouts, always changing with moves that make me tilt my head, arch an eyebrow and look at him with a 
"What you talkin' bout?" face.
This week, he was successful
I have been S.O.R.E.
It feels great though because he makes me attempt things that
I would never think that I can do.
Great trainer! 


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The Glamorous Housewife said...

OMG! I am totally obsessed with HIMYM too! Awesome. True story.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife