Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 44 ~ Enjoying the Ride

At times during this journey, I become obsessed with what the end result will be.
I mean, that is part of it definitely!
I worry if I will fall far from what others will be on stage.
I worry if I will be able to pull off a flawless routine, 
including all of the required moves plus some.
I worry if I will make a fool of myself.

Then, I came across this blog at Muscle & Fitness Hers.

written by Cheryl Brown.

Here's the main part of the title:

Where to begin and guidelines for how to enjoy the journey! 

Here are her basic rules, and you can click the link to see how she gives tips about each.

  • #1 Recognize the Positive on a Daily Basis

  • #2 Compete with Yourself

  • #3 Choose Your Expert and Ignore Everyone Else

  • #4 Plan Ahead

  • #5 Always Get Feedback 


    I am definitely going to begin implementing some of the advice that she gives.

    I am going to be keeping a journal, hand written.

    I definitely need to plan ahead and so much more.

    After all, it's all about enjoying the ride.

    The end results are just gravy!!....

    or cupcakes, or cheesecake....


    This evening, fat check, weigh in, cardio and training.



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