Friday, 30 December 2011

Bringing My Mojo Back

I've fallen into the trap ~
workout wear all the time!
Now, granted, I'm not wearing makeup to my workouts.
I used to.
However, it's not good for my complexion.
Sweat + Makeup = clogged pores and breakouts!
I do however wear tinted chapstick.
I am a lover of Burt's Bees.
If I have errands to run after  the gym, I do splash my face and 
try to swipe on a little mineral powder on my face.

I really don't want to look like a shlump all the time.
I have upgraded my workout wear.
I do not to wear huge, baggy t-shirts or pants anymore.
It's nice to trade those in for workout tanks and a little more fitted yoga pant or crop pant.

I have to say, I was inspired by
Well, I'm always inspired by her gorgeous posts, but this one she posted a while back has really stuck in my head.  I had to go look it up again this morning.

Ideas For Comfortable Yet Glamorous Outfits

She has great pictures of Dita Von Teese leaving her pilates classes and looking adorable.

Her polyvore collage is on that post too.

She's wonderful at doing these.

It gave me some ideas to make my workout wear look a little cuter when I'm leaving and running to stores after the gym.  I'm going to add a little cardigan, maybe a little lipstick.

Maybe I'll switch out to some ballet flats, as long as it's not snowing or crazy icy out.

Yep, it's a little petty, but I miss feeling cute.  Although my wonderful husband always tells me that I look pretty no matter what, I don't always feel it. I don't think there's any reason that I can't look cute and a little stylish while working out..... or really after!  Plus, if you did not know, I have a really deep adoration of vintage.  Before getting on my journey to fitness, I dressed in vintage or vintage-style most of the time.  Now, all my vintage is too big.  I have put off buying new clothes because I know my body is still changing.  I'm challenging myself to change/upcycle what I currently have to become "new" and fun for me.

Here's a couple of cute images and ideas.

Here's Dita leaving her pilates class.  Just the jacket adds flare, besides a hoodie (which I love hoodies, lol)


Simple, yet adorable!

So let's see if I can step it up and look cute and fit this year.

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