Thursday, 17 November 2011

This is my Extravagance

Wanting to compete in a fitness competition is my extravagance.
It's my selfish thing.
It's something that I battle with internally everyday.
It is a waste of money,
it is something that I have always dreamed of doing.
I want to get into that magazine, contest body,
rock the bedazzled teeny bikini
and perform some insanely impossible routine.

(Myriam Capes)

I will always work out.
I hope to teach classes.

But in all actuality, 
I like a really simple life.
Taking things old school.
I love to garden and grow my own veggies and fruit.
I love cooking vegetarian style.
I really long to be more minimalist,
but still struggle with getting rid of all of our 
I am trying to slowly get rid of non-essentials and 
things that don't fit anymore.

I would love a tiny house, with some land to have a bigger garden and perhaps some chickens for eggs and goats for milk.
Can you say homemade cheese?

There are times we dream of the houseboat.
Heck, before we moved up here we looked at a few to live in
before we decided to leave Louisiana.
Then, I would have to figure out better container gardening, lol.

Go check out
for some amazing small homes, tips and just fun pictures to look at.

I'm in love with this interior.

But this is my extravagance right now.

(Adela Garcia)
I am trying really hard not to feel guilty.
I love it, I dream of it and I will do it.


Lacey said...

Yes! Money is always spent somewhere. For me, if I wasn't spending money on competing and stuff, I'd end up spending it on clothing, stuff for my house, or more extravagant foods. In my opinion spending money on my dreams isn't wasteful, its investing in my future. :)
Living in the country isn't simple, for us its actually a lot more detailed. Its hard :) Where when we had the luxury of just turning up the heat when the house was cold, now we have to think about firewood all year long. When we used to think about just turning on the faucet for water, now we worry that our well pump will freeze :) And when I water the garden, I have to haul it a good 50 yards. Haha! Life always balances itself, doesn't it?
Don't feel bad about your expenses in competing. It is what you want, what you love, and part of who you are! There is never anything to feel bad about. Proud of you girl!

Lapetitemort said...

Thank you! You always have a way of putting things into perspective.

This year, I'm asking folks not to give me "stuff". I was asking for gift certificates to my trainers/gym so that I can use it for training, nutrition, etc. I've never done something like that before, actually ask for something specific at Christmas. But even if folks who buy me things give me a $10 certificate, it's stupendous in my book.

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Lacey said it perfectly. Just because you are doing something for yourself doesnt make it a luxery- in reality it is a necessity! I can't wait to see you accomplish your goal, and when you compete for the 1st time, I want you to blog when and where, and I want to come!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife