Monday, 28 November 2011

Getting Crafty.

I was inspired by a shop that I saw on etsy of
funky athletic wear.

So, I thought to myself, let me try that.
I took the bottoms of some yoga pants that I had to cut off because I am vertically challenged.
That's the base and lining.
The striped part is some socks that got holes in the toes.
The banding and straps are from an old t-shirt.
And the sugar skulls and silver are from my bin of tons of fabrics.

I realize the silver isn't laying quite flat.
I also have not sew in the straps in the back yet.
But not too bad for a first attempt.

Price on etsy between $42 and $60.

Mine, free, except for my time trying to figure it out.



Lacey said...

CUTE!!!! I love it!!

Lapetitemort said...

Thank you!!
Now, I'm itching to try more and play/experiment!

v8grrl said...

will it hold the Ladies in place? that is the big question

Lapetitemort said...

It' probably just as supportive as my other sports bras. But I'm thinking this one will be more of the weight lifting, biking, stepmill sort. The front is lined so it's super thick and mooshes those bad boys down!

FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

That's REALLY cool! How fun to have workout gear that actually "goes" w your personality! Kudos!

Lapetitemort said...

Thank you!
I actually wore it today and it's pretty darn comfy!
I'll definitely have to make more.