Friday, 4 November 2011

A Fresh Thought for Friday.

Taking a cue from the wisdom of the Peanuts.

I am a positive force - 
or at least I am trying to be.

Trying to shed the negative influences and people from my life and only
rein in the positive so that I can try and return it.

Here's to a wonderful day.

This morning was my "bonus" weight day, lol.
This means that I have been upped from 3 days of weights to 4.
Here's a breakdown of my week right now.

  1.  Legs & 20 min. of cardio in target HR zone
  2.  Back & Shoulders & 20 min. of cardio in target HR zone
  3.  Chest & Arms & 20 min. of cardio in target HR zone
  4.  Lats & Hamstrings & 20 min. of cardio in target HR zone
  5.  20 min. of cardio in target HR zone  (I can also switch this into the middle somewhere if needed)
  6.  rest ~ for now (or light cardio)
  7.  rest ~ for now 



FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

Rock on, girl! You are tight! Keep it up! :)

Athena said...

You look amazing! I'm so excited that you are in Colorado too... hey, wait a minute... are you la petite mort the burlesque dancer? I think you are! I was thinking of getting into burlesque (with Vivian) myself. :)) So are you aiming to be in a specific upcoming competition?

Lapetitemort said...

Hahaha, yep that's me!
I took Viv's classes when she first started giving them in early 2007. I highly recommend her if you want to venture that way. ;)

I'm aiming for a March show here. Colorado State Fitness Festival, I think that's the one, lol.