Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 35 ~New Focus

Besides workouts, diet, cardio, etc.,
I have a new focus.
I have to begin working on and nailing these moves
which will be worked into my routine.

First let's have a looksy at the flexibility moves.
Thankfully, I pretty much have this one.

The Side Split

Then, there is the 

High Kick

This move, not so much, lol.

Now on to the strength moves!

These two I can do on a raised surface, like a bench or box, but still fail to do on the floor,
(I can even turn myself halfway elevated)

The Straddle Hold

Leg Extension

(Tanji Johnson @ King Crossfit)

The good old 

One Arm Push Up!
I can bust out some perfect military push ups,
but this one will take some practice!
I can go down with perfect form, but
coming up is a hot mess.

(Both from

And if only I could look like this when I do it!

I believe these are the mandatory moves for fitness routines,
according to the NPC.

Then, I would like to perfect these to add in as well.


Or this

Full Front Split is always a neato one.

 (Jodi Boam)

Perhaps this

There's even more to focus on now.
I just have to stay determined.
When I first began, I could not even do a real military push up,
now I can bust them out by about 20 before form starts to break.
So, I'm constantly improving, and I just have to remember that.


v8grrl said...

Woohoo!!! Go Jen go!!!!!

Athena said...

Woah those are insane. It will be awesome to see you perform those - I'll be cheering you on! :)

Lapetitemort said...

I just did a front extension hold and straddle hold OFF THE FLOOR for over a second in my kitchen. My husband was doing dishes and witnessed it AND me doing a super goofy happy dance!!!!! oh so excited =)