Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 23

Got up this morning, hit the gym for my cardio.
This evening, I begin my "group" competition training.
I have to admit, I am a little nervous.
I'm scared that I won't be up to par or be able to keep up
even though she checked with the other two trainers who have been working with me to make sure that I could.
I guess it's just that fear of the unknown.

Tomorrow morning, I will get up at 5am to go to my first boot camp class.
I'm picking the location closest to my house to start with.
Wow, I haven't been up that early in a while, haha.
I have to get there about 15 minutes early to introduce myself to the coach
and let him/her know that I'm a coach in training, get my t-shirt and fill out some paperwork.
Also, excited but nervous!

Yesterday, I took my little pumpkins from my garden and baked them.
Now, I have fresh, organic pumpkin meat for recipes!
I also cleaned the seeds and have them drying on a towel.
I have yet to decide whether I will go "raw" with them and just dehydrate them with a little cold pressed olive oil or go ahead and bake them.

There's my little guys!
They are called Amish Pie Pumpkins.
I'm pretty sad that our growing season is pretty much done.
I'm getting my big pots ready for indoor planting of veggies.
However, one of my dogs has decided that she likes to nose around in the dirt and eat it!
Last year, she ate my spinach and lettuce before I got to it.
She's a German Shepherd and can reach these big pots even if I put them up on the kitchen chairs.

You see, I like to plant in my kitchen because we have a sliding glass door that lets in tons of sun in the winter.
It's warm and conducive to growing indoors.
And this dog is super crafty.
She always figures out a way to get to things she wants and has figured out how to open many a container, door and so on.
Love her, but darn she's bad sometimes.

Here's both of them from a few Christmases ago.

I'll figure it out within the next week or so, lol.
Rottens, I tell you.


v8grrl said...

How did the boot camp go?

Jen remember when this all started? who would have thought you would have taken it to the next level…although you ALWAYS take it to the next level.

I want to thank you for being a dear friend…I don't know what I would have done if we hadn't crossed paths on self.com


Lacey said...

Nerves are good! Just use them to help you push harder!
Cute pumpkins!!! My dogs will eat anything. And our kitty loved Chives, specifically. Oh those furry babies!