Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 11 - Chest & Arms & Test Kitchen

Today was chest and arms and, of course, the always present cardio.
I really don't know how I'm going to get through when the cardio increases.
I'm getting better at making playlists that keep me hopping though.

So, I decided to give protein muffin testing a go today.
I looked up tons of recipes with nutritional info.
I then picked 2 to play with.

Today's was a chocolate peanut butter one.

I tweaked the recipe and these came out pretty good, but there's something a little too dry about them.
I'm not sure if I baked them too long or just should have added more liquid.
I only made a tiny batch of 5 muffins.
Yep, I ate one, lol - had to test!
Plus, it fit in as one of my snacks today.
I will be giving this one another go to try and make them super yummy.
Then, I'll post the recipe and nutritional information for them.

Hopefully, as I get better at this, I will have some good recipes to share.
Thank you to The Glamorous Housewife too.
She shared this with me, love it!

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FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

Hey! I always add applesauce or Gerber Apples and Cherries to my chocolate baked "stuff". Makes em nice and moist. Good luck!