Tuesday, 1 November 2011

As a Lark ~ Maybe Not

I want to say I read this at 
She was somewhat joking when she said that she should issue a 
Wear Your Bikini On Christmas Challenge.

I laughed when I first read it.
It has stuck in the back of my brain though.
Now, I'm seriously considering it.

What better way to rock Christmas morning than by coming down in a 
sparkling red bikini...
or green,
or silver and blue,
or some variation thereof?

Oh yes, I am thinking that I want to buy an itty bitty shiny bikini,
the kind that I would and have never worn before.

I have been having lustful thoughts as I peruse them on the web.
Pretty, pretty.

It would also be more motivation for me to push even harder than I am now.
The body fat percentage keeps shrinking,
muscle in pounds is increasing (though slowly).
Maybe by Christmas, I can rock that hard-core!

(These are from fitnessprodirect.com)

(from teenyb.com)

See how my mind wanders to completely random things?!


Lacey said...

I can't remember, are you doing figure or bikini? Either way, I think green would look fabulous on you!! :) Although you are right, a sparkling red one would fit the occasion.

Lapetitemort said...

Fitness. =)
I LOVE the green, and if I can get a rockin' body, well I may have to buy it just because, lol.

Lacey said...

Ooh!! Yes!!! I had a bikini laying around that I desperately wanted to fit into as I was losing weight. Having that suit on a hanger to stare me in the face every day was a HUGE motivator! :)