Friday, 21 October 2011

Here We Go

I met with my trainer yesterday for my newest body analysis.
We didn't train because I'm like this right now.

She's also told me that I have to rest in order to get 100% before we begin training again.

Because she envisions me on stage come March.
Yeah, wow.

I'm scared and excited all balled up in one.

So, I'm resting today because honestly, I feel just wiped out.
I'm pretty sure that it's just a head cold.
You know, the snot is still clear, it's mainly my head that's just congested.
We want my immune system to be up to par as we start
ripping this body apart, lol.

So, until next week (we're tentatively meeting for another workout Monday), 
we're concentrating on getting the diet down.

I guess I'm still a little in denial.  I've always thought about doing this.
I went in saying, I was thinking about it, maybe, didn't know if I could.
She says I can.
I'll have to get the confidence that she has in me.


FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

WOW! :) Congrats! That's a biggie x's two. Will you be doing fitness or figure? How awesome!

Lapetitemort said...

The goal is fitness. So, we'll see how this goes, lol!
Thanks =)