Monday, 17 October 2011

Good Stuff

Oh vacation!
How I need a vacation from my vacation!
Just kidding,
because it was glorious.
We went home to New Orleans for a visit.
I miss the place so much.
The first night there,
well, I indulged in an

Lovely Green Fairy.

Walking to the bar that Hubby and I met at,
we saw this in the window.
What a mix, right?
Steampunk, religious, blasphemous - means I loved it.

This was a place on Royal that I have always loved.

Sunday we went to Gretna Fest.
It was quite impressive from what it used to be.
I think there were six or seven different stages, an ampitheatre that
was built by the Mississippi River down the levee and
blocks upon blocks of food, rides, crafts and lord knows what else.
This is me sitting outside the German Beer Garden listening to music and wishing that I had brought my sunglasses or a hat.

All in all, I kept my diet pretty darn good.
Lots of grilled, raw or boiled seafood and salads.
We stayed with my most wonderous girlfriends.
They're sisters and I keep saying that if hubby dies before me that I
am going to move in with them so that we can be the crazy old ladies together, lol.

Look at what she had set up in our room.
Yep, that's a bar menu too!

There are tons more pictures that S downloaded.
I'll have to go through and pic some to post.
We went fishing the day before we left.
I have the farmer's tan/sunburn to prove it.


Now, we're home and somehow when we collected all of our pets we wound up with one additional.
This little brown ferret was a stray that was hit by a car and nursed back to health over the past few weeks.
What can I say?
I'm a sucker.
Besides Boopie (our white little girl ferret) adored him.

Welcome new fur baby that has not yet been named.

Today was back to good, hard workouts.
I have a weigh in and measurements on Thursday.
We'll also be going over more nutrition and workouts and plans.
Funny, I was wondering how I would pay for this.
My old work that I contract for happened to contact me today.
They were wondering if I was interested in helping out again.
They tell me they are like a bad rash that I can't get rid of.
Well, at least they come at the most opportune times!
Things do seem to work out when they need to!

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