Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 1 to the Goal ~ hopefully

Today I went back to training after being sick.
(Still have residual nose leakage, but feeling good.)

Tiffany trains me, and I LOVE it.
She works me until my muscles quiver, and I pretty much collapse.
Today she brought in another trainer with her just to give me a few really crazy, weird and hard exercises.
It was the first time that other people were there being trained while I was.
This is a small gym where they train people to compete.
I know this.
I knew this going in.
This is why I wanted to go here.
They make transformations.
(On a lesser note, most place in there competitions - though that is currently not my goal, it is a testament to the work they do.)

I have seen great improvement in the few weeks that I have been going to Tiffany.
If you knew me, you could tell the changes in my body.
At least, that's what everyone tells me, even those who are not aware that I'm working out.

I have been feel pretty good about myself.
I've had a little boost of confidence even.

Yep, seeing two other ladies who are on the road to competing made me feel like I looked like this:

Womp. womp. womp.

Now, granted my tummy does not look like that.
Rationally, I know it, but damn, seeing those other girls knocked me right down to old insecurities.
I also know that I should not compare myself to others.

I am me.
I will be the best me that I can be.
Maybe, I can learn a little something from them once I am around them more.

I am shaking it off and moving ahead.
My diet is on track.
I haven't cheated with a cocktail in a week.
Hell, I haven't even had a cheat meal.

If I focus and keep the plan, I know that I eventually will look like this



FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

Yes, YES!! :)

Lacey said...

There is no maybe if you want something bad enough! You may not look like that woman, but you will look like you only amazing! :)