Friday, 30 September 2011

A little fitness update

I am so loving training with Tiffany.
I only go to her about twice a week because I workout on my own.
She gives me "homework".

And we've started working on moves like this.

(Meghan McCurdy)

I can lift myself, on a chair or bench, but cannot get my feet this high yet.
I can also half turn in (kind-of) this position.
It's amazing to me what I did on the first try.
Practice will make perfect.

We are also working on this move.

(Tiffany Yee)

This was funny for me to even try to get into, even with lovely trainer spotting me.
Another moment of practice will make perfect....
oh & building up muscle, lol.

Here's some more of what I will be learning.

(Jodi Boam)

(from Tanji Johnson's site)

and more!
I still have a loooooooooong ways to go, but it feels good.  =)

Plus, the little bit that I am learning I can begin to incorporate into upcoming shows too. ;)

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, I couldn't even guess how to do those moves. You must be quite strong to be able to attempt these ones.