Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cooking in the kitchen and out

I have been slacking in posting.
But we did go camping.

I decided to do some different zucchini recipes yesterday.
First I made these

I made some changes to "clean" them up a little.
First I used 1c WW flour and only 1/2c unbleached all-purpose.
Next I cut the oil, sugar and chocolate chips in 1/2.
I just added water till it was of a good consistency.
I was a little worried trying that, but Husband came home while
they were still in the oven.
I tasted a broken one and thought it was tasty, but healthier is hard to pass by some folks.
He scarffed three down as I popped them from the silicone pans, so they can't be that bad!
Plus, one was missing this morning too.

Here's how mine looked.

Then with our grilled salmon, brown rice with veggies, I also made these.

I will say that I nixed the olive oil completely because I baked them on a silicone sheet.
Also, I used WW flour and bread crumbs that I made from some whole grain bread that I also had made.

I didn't take a picture, but we still have some in the fridge that I will probably reheat in the toaster oven later.

I've still been trying to be a gym rat.
I've been trying to keep the diet in check, but let's face it
I'm an imbiber.
I can give up tons, but I like to have cocktails with friends,
or around the campfire!
But, I'm doing some serious cutting back of that because,
I'm thinking more and more that I'd like to do a fitness competition in the future.
I'm thinking a fitness one because you have to have a choreographed routine with certain
exercises (?), poses and such.
Kind of like a burlesque routine, but different, lol

Anyway, here's some workout logs and the newest pic of my itty bitty bicep!

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