Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Random picture love and stuff

I have been feeling really, I don't know,
I've been wanting to read a lot of William S. Burroughs,
Hubert Selby, Jr. and Oscar Wilde for some reason.
Oh well.

I have been sketching again.
I haven't done that in probably well over a year or more.
Yeah, I suck.

This makes me happy.
I won a hairpiece from

I have probably four of her pieces already, but I love that I get another.

Lots of shows coming up again next month.
New venues, new people
drag kings, drag queens, so much
it makes me excited.
I have been practicing back bends and splits to try and add to some routines.
We'll see how that goes!
I do believe that when I am going to be more and more like
Isabella Blow.
(except a poor version, heh)

And these are some of her most tame looks.

She fascinates me.
I want to read 

Oh, I have been still exercising and eating clean and such.

I'll leave you with my workouts from yesterday and today.

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