Friday, 5 August 2011

I have been slacking on posting my daily pics.
I have been posting them on facebook.
But I have been working out.
She has been prepping for her first figure show.
She's just about 3 weeks out.
It amazes me the willpower and determination that she has.
The thought of doing the same flits through my head often.
Yet, I know that I probably could not be as regimented.
Plus, it's super expensive.
The training, suits, posing, shoes, supplements.....
And me, being unemployed at the moment, cannot entail those costs!
The only reason that I go the gym pretty much daily is because I bought a 
package deal for super cheap for two years last year.
Anyway, on to today's pics.

Today's workout.

Today's locker room shot wearing my 
"Suck It Up Buttercup" tank from
the Next Level Challenge I'm doing with 

Sweaty and after the workout!

Yesterday, I played with making up recipes.
One wasn't too shabby, but I think that it needs tweaking before I would actually post it.

Have a great one!

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