Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Free! Because I do no own a microwave & the usual stuff!

I have this Tupperware microwave steamer.
It's from the early 90's, I believe.
At least, this is when I can remember getting it.
Anyway, I have not had a microwave for at least six years, nor will I probably have one again.
It's in perfectly good condition, and it has very little if any wear on it.
I do not have the little booklet, but you put water in the bottom.
From what I remember there were recipes for it, perhaps a search online could come up with something?
It would be great for steaming veggies and such.
If anyone would like it, please comment here.
I'll be happy to ship it to you.

Now, for the usual stuff.
Here's my workout log for this morning and my usual locker room shot.
Also, if anyone has any good links or sites for people who are debating future fitness/figure competitions, please share!  I would love to read up on the subject - you know, diets, workouts, etc.
As I cannot actually afford to do it at the moment, I would love to read more of what's involved.
Who knows, ya know?

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