Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Water, it stays cool & tastes of the well...

This is what my husband was told when he bought this.

So I boiled and filtered water and poured it on in.
The cup acts as a lid.
Well, you know what?  We leave it on our kitchen table, with all the
heat and sun making its way in through our sliding glass doors
and the sucker does stay cool!

So, I do like our new water bottle.

Here's my morning gym workout.
P90X Core Synergistics will come later.

And you may need sunglasses or to just look away.
My locker room shots have me in shorts.
The first time in 9 years that I've left the house in shorts.
What's the big deal, you're in burlesque costumes?
What's the big difference, you ask?

Well, in burlesque, I am one of those who wear hose & fishnets.
You know, illusion folks, illusion.
My legs are "covered" and given some color by those nylon miracles!

So, here goes.

Yep, definitely thinking of risking the cancer and wearing shorts to do yard work the rest of the summer.
These little stubs could use some color to detract from the glow.

Well, I'm off!
Lots to do
I must enjoy my cool water that tastes of d'well!

1 comment:

Roxie-Girl said...

Funny, I have the same glow on my legs! LOL
Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me about Allison's challenge. I read about it before and have met Allison, she is gorgeous and so tiny.
I'll go check out her blog again, I could use some Allison in my life.