Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Recipe hit

Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I finally broke down and bought some protein powder.
I like it blended with water & ice.
Satisfies the sweet craving.
Feels like I'm being treated.

Today, I delved into cooking with it.
I really wanted to try it in hopes that I can do something with all of this zucchini in my yard!
Now, I looked high and low at the stores around me for coconut flour.
Unfortunately, I was not able to find any.
Instead, I substituted some Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour that I had bought a while back.
I figured that it has lots of protein and is better than regular flour.
I also didn't have the Capella Flavoring or coconut oil, so didn't use them.
I used my silicone muffin pan since I didn't have anything but olive oil around and without oil in the recipe, I knew they would stick to cupcake papers.
I don't think my muffins came out as fluffy as Chelle's look.

Here's mine with the frosting waiting to be put on.

Like I said, no coconut oil so I just added water to the frosting.
I even licked the fork, yum!

Here it is ready to be eaten.
It was good, though not as sweet as they smelled baking.
I think that I still have to get used to eating things that are not sweetened to hell.
It hit the spot though, and I will definitely make them again!
I may cheat and put a little stevia in though next time.
or maybe I'll just get my tastebuds reoriented!

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