Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gym Stuff

So, I finally cracked open the P90X that I got for $30.
I watched the "Watch This First!" Dvd and
decided that I would start with the Lean Program.
It's a little more cardio based.
This way, I feel more obligated to go to the gym and do my weight routines.
Yesterday, I did the Core Synergistics Dvd.
It wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but don't get me wrong.
There were quite a few of those weird pushups that I still have to work one.
And I definitely feel some soreness in my core area today.

Later today, I will be partaking of his Cardio X Dvd.
Wonder how that will be?

But this morning, I headed to the gym (after eating a banana) armed with a list of exercises that I wanted to knock out.
Before I left, I went on
and searched through their exercise base.
I specifically wanted bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises.
I picked 6 and made a list in my handy little notebook.
This way, I had a routine down when I got there and could knock it out without thinking.
I filled in reps and weight as I went.

As I was doing my Upright Rows and Lat Raises, well, I noticed something in the mirror!
So, when I headed back to the bathroom to do my full body pic,
I had to try and replicate the movement in the mirror to catch it.
It's not as defined as when I'm lifting weight, but 
check. this. out.

There's a little something sneaking up on me!

So, I'm finishing my oatmeal and my egg whites right now.
Then, I'll have to head outside to weedeat and mow the lawn.
All of this rain has made my lawn -
I use the term "lawn" loosely, it should be my weed yard -
grow like crazy!

Then, snack time and probably a  date with me and Tony for our
Cardio X.

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