Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I'm Baaaaaack

This morning was the first morning that I hit the gym in months.
That's not to say that I have not been active, I just have not been to the gym.
Weighed in at 124.
Did a quickie leg circuit
3x12 of Leg Press @ 175lbs
3x10 Leg extension @ 35lbs
3x10 Leg Curl @ 35lbs
2x15 Plie Squat @ 40lbs
Then quickie walk/run for 1.25 miles in a horrible 17:25
Oh well, got to start back somewhere!

For some reason, my flash decided that it did not want to work this morning.
Perhaps, it has to get back into the groove too!

Came home & ate 2 eggs, some watermelon and strawberries with a cup of
coffee (French Press style!) with some coconut milk.

Other than that, we've been tearing apart the house and renovating.
Right now, it's the bedroom.  We tore out the carpeting, laid down one of those
fancy fake wood floors, repainted the ceiling and walls and put in new molding.
We're now dark pumpkin spice with Twilight Zone trim (black).
We replaced our furniture too.
Got a new bedframe.
Also, got "new" - vintage chest of drawers.
picked up this crazy old wooden shelf/magazine rack and painted it a bright teal!
Now, we still have our old dresser with attached mirror in the kitchen.
S's old chest of drawers and nightstand in our bathroom and other pieces
strewn about those two rooms.
Called VVA to see if they could take the large furniture items.
Hopefully they can so that I can get this stuff out!
Plus, I'm giving them a sofa table, the old bed frame and an old tv.

Next is the kitchen!!
Can't wait to put our "new" refurbished - free- table & chairs in and get out
the 70" round that takes up so much room!


Roxie-Girl said...

Congrats for getting back to the gym, I bet it felt good. Looks like you had a great workout, I love working legs.
Dang girl, I'm jealous of you pressing 175! I'm only at 140. hahaha


SusieQT said...

Show some pix of your reno! ;) Our living room walls are a similar color (terra cotta)- painted them almost 9 years ago and still love it!