Sunday, 22 May 2011

YaaY clearance! YaAy going back to the gym! YAaY random babble...

I went on a shopping frenzy yesterday & today.
Thanks to Mum-In-Law for gift cards
& super clearance sales!!

I got a pair of running shorts.
You know, the kind with built in knickers?!
Because in two weeks, I will be able to hit the gym regularly again.
In two weeks, I will be able to go running again.

Well because I gave two weeks notice.

Well, because of reasons I won't air on the net.
I like the job.
I like the owner.
I like the other chef that I work with.
However, other factors are critical.
Actually, I should have just quit and walked out after strike 3, but I have a heart.

Why give two weeks?
Because the other woman I work with planned a vacation for her
and her son since I was there.
I would never screw up their vacation.
I mean, she's a single mom with absolutely no contact from ex.
They deserve a vacation.

So, I have no clue what I'll be doing after.
All I know is that I get to exercise again!
And eat correctly instead of one meal a day because we're so busy, I cannot even
stop to drink my tea from the morning or go take a potty break.

But back to goods!
I got a $50 black, Audrey Hepburn looking dress for
$8.98!!  Woohoo!!
I got new knickers, over the shoulder boulder holders,
workout pants, thigh hi stockings with a back seam,
awesome teen tees!

a complete Zombie cross-stitch kit!


1 comment:

Amanda said...

Sounds like some great finds and your return to exercise. I've got to get going again on exercising myself. Can't wait to see the zombie cross-stitch!

As to work, I'm glad you've made the best decision for you. I wish I would have quit my job before things went sour. I'm glad you got out in time. Best of luck with whatever you decide to pursue next. I'm sure things can only get better.

Best Wishes,