Monday, 18 April 2011

T-shirt Extravaganza

Oh yes, I'm that girl.
Though I love dressing up and being vintage and pretty ,
I adore tees.  
Did I mention that I also shop in the little boys section?
Oh my nerd side was jumping for joy when we found these in the little boys 
section at Tarjay.
Clearance too!
Now washed and dried, they will undergo neck alterations to look a little more feminine.
 Then, I got the anchor one in the women's section on clearance.
Sam also got me the Mile High Horror Film Fest tee at 
Star Fest. 
That one will also undergo neck alterations to become more
girly too.
 Don't know what I was thinking when I saw this on clearance, but I needed to have it.
I also bought it smaller than my current bikini in my "fat/before" pics.
I mean, my gym chain does have pools.
Maybe at some point, I'll indulge?
Well, today is my Sunday.
So, housecleaning, laundry and cooking will take up my whole day.
Listened to a little STP earlier.
Now, my boys, TON!
Makes me all buttery in the nether regions... TMI?


v8grrl said...

I have to go look for a swim suit. That one is cute, by the way, it's about time for you to take another picture.

and...I want you to stay away from my boyfriend Scott.
You got it?

is that a Target swimsuit? Did you try it on?

Lapetitemort said...

Yep, Target bikini... nope, didn't try it on, but the sides of the bottoms have ties! (Adjustability!!)

I'll steer clear of him madame!!

I was blue listening to TON and had to remember that Peter died. =(

Ellie said...

Love the comic tee's!!! I have quite a few of my own. Wonderwoman is my favorite :)