Monday, 28 February 2011


So, Sundays are now my Saturdays and Mondays are my Sundays.

I still am figuring out how I want to get to the gym the other days of the week or if I may just put in some home workouts.

Today, I'm trying to make a bunch of easy eat meals and snacks to bring with me to work.  We are constantly working for the 8 hours, hardly stopping at all and never sitting.  I'm working on making little meals that I can eat standing and without too much hoopla.

Sunday's workout ~ Upper Body
Tricep Kickback (each arm) : (1) 12.5lb dumbbell, 3/10
Bicep Curl: (2)15lb dumbbells, 1/7, (2) 12.5 lb dumbbells, 2/8
Dumbbell Bent Rows: (2)15lb dumbbells, 3/10
Dumbbell Lat Raises: (2) 10lb dumbbells, 2/6 & 1/7
Seated Dumbbell Military Press: (2) 10lb dumbbells, 3/10
Overhead Dumbbell Extension: (1) 12.5lb dummbell, 3/10
10 min. on elliptical
Hanging Leg Raises: 10
Hanging Leg Twist/Raise: 5 each side

Monday's (today) workout ~ Lower

Seated Leg Press: 160lbs, 1/12, 165lbs, 2/12
Seated Leg Extension: 40lbs, 3/12
Seated Leg Curl: 45lbs, 1/12, 40lbs, 2/12
Plie Squats: (1) 45lb dumbbell, 3/12
Split Squats (each leg): (2) 17.5lb dumbbells, 3/12
Front Lunges (each side): (2) 17.5lb dumbbells, 1/12, (2) 15lb dumbbells, 1/12, (2) 12.5lb dumbbells, 1/12

Walking to & from the gym, then to & from the grocery carrying the bags. ;)

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