Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Bloody Valentine

That should sum it up.  It's still my bloody day after Valentine's but I put on that big diaper looking pad, to protect when the other thing-a-ma-gig got full up and walked to the gym.  I really, really did not want to go.  I used my pedometer on my nano for tracking my walk to and from the gym. I used my nike + for my short 2 mile run on the treadmill.  At least I did something, right?

So, now that you know that, you should not be surprised that I have been craving sugar like that is absolutely no tomorrow.  So, I have been loving this site

Then, today's Groupon hit my inbox.
Are you serious?!
I am trying my hardest not to pull out my credit card and buy it, but, but
it's cheese!!!

And I leave you with me looking "ecstatic" before my workout this morning.

1 comment:

Roxie-Girl said...

Cheese whore, that is funny!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

I look forward to following your blog. Oh, and see at the KT!