Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Gym stuff:
I have been using my pedometer to start tracking my walking.  So, I walked to the gym, left it going and walked back home afterwards.

Lower Body Day

Split Squats: (2) 20lb dumbbells, 3/12
Plie Squats: 1/12, (1) 40lb dumbbell, 2/12, (1) 45lb dumbbell
Seated Leg Press: 155lbs, 3/12
Seated Leg Curl: 45lbs, 1/12 then 40lbs, 2/12
Seated Leg Extension: 45lbs, 1/12, then 40lbs, 1/12, then 35lbs, 1/12

Tried something new
Hanging Leg Raises: 12
Hanging Leg Twists: 5 each side

Ended with some stretching

And a little thank you to the trainer that I use (when I can afford to) for correcting my postures when he was walking by, even though he was with another client.  =)

= me being all conceited

Well, he sent me a few more of the fun dress up day we had.
The first is another lovely hat from Kitty Mae Millinery
Actually the husband bought me a super fun, sparkle-y fascinator from her this Sunday at our last show.

In this next one, I definitely see where people get that I remind them of Betty Boop!


Well, not quite yet, but let me tell you, the past few days have been such a gorgeous tease that I am super ready to get to gardening!
We are planning such wonderful things this year!
Hopefully all will work out.
I will definitely have to take before and after photos as we toil away.

I saw this cookbook reviewed in my latest Clean Eating Magazine.
I immediately went to the library website that searches all of the libraries in our county.
No luck, so I ordered it used from Amazon.  I'm hoping to incorporate more meatless meals into our diet.  I am especially interested in using more varied veggies since we are going to be growing many things that we cannot get at our local grocer. 

I have been getting excellent at making our own yogurt every week.
Next adventures: making cheese and making vinegar!

Oh, and I'm super excited because I got an email today from Tosca answering my questions on rabbit and other meats!  Yay

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Amanda said...

Gorgeous pics! I can definitely see how people would say you look like Betty Boop, too.

The cookbook sounds intirguing. I'm tempted to check it out myself.

Best Wishes,