Monday, 7 February 2011

Just one of those mornings, but I'm turning it around.

Today started off early as I had to bring the husband to the airport.
So, I decided to hit the gym afterwards at 5:30am instead of my usual 7:00am.  First off, it was intimidating because the place was packed!  Usually when I go, I see my handful of usual folks.  We all say "Hi", "Good Morning", etc.  When I walked in this morning, it felt like the whole place paused to check out the new comer.  Weird.  Do I do that unconsciously too?
  I headed straight to the weights because I knew that I could grab those and wait on a tread mill or elliptical to free up.  Dudes were sitting with their weights talking, then talking to the chicks... Everyone kept taking those glances at me, sort of like I was invading their territory.  
I felt as though I should maybe lift my leg and pee on the cable machine.
Finally, I got over it and just did my thing.  I was snickering a little on the inside because these chicks were all with the 3lb & 5lb dumbbells, did maybe 3 exercises and walked around. (They were looking all cute in their tiny shorts and tanks though.  I will one day do that! ~jealous, I am~) 
I have to quit being all intimidated, dammit.
I did forget my workout journal because I keep my food log and workout log in the same notebook.  I have to quit doing that.  So, here was my workout for today - what I remember:

Upper Body:

3/12 - 35lbs cable pull, oblique pull
3/12 - 15lbs, then 10lbs last set, cable tricep kickback
3/12 - 20lbs, then 15lbs last set, cable, chest flys
3/12 - 20lb barbell, bicep curls
3/10 - 20lb barbell, overhead press
3/10 - 15lb dumbbell, overhead tricep extension
3/10- 8lb dumbbells, lateral raises

15 min. cardio
Oh yeah, when I went back to the locker room to saddle up for some running, I realized I forgot the darn sensor at the house.  So, I tried out the pedometer on my nano and just did some interval sprinting on higher inclines.


I have had one of those crazy mornings, but I was determined to turn it around.
So, that was done, came home and vacuumed.  Made me some egg whites, a bowl of oatmeal with a banana and cinnamon and some decaf coffee with dark chocolate almond milk.
I have the milk in the crockpot now cooling so that I can finish making the Lazy Yogurt.
I have a feeling that I may make some carrot soup later too.

I am completely not feeling like doing actual work.  I am in a mood to purge and organize in the house.
I have to get rid of this sense of attachment to clothes.  I have so many things that I keep saying, "Oooh one day I will fit into that again."  Unfortunatey, I do not think it will happen.  If for no other reason than my body shape is changing as I work out.  Though my butt is looking much better, it has changed and pants are just, well, tighter.  My ba dinky, dink is turning into a ba dunka dunk, I guess.  

Plus, my crafty supplies are just crazy.  They need to be straightened out and organized.
Speaking of which, Sam got me a new sewing box!  Clearance at JoAnn's!!
I have a sewing box that I have had since 4th grade.  I still use it, but I definitely could use another.
It's spacious!  And I just love the way it looks.

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