Saturday, 5 February 2011

I Love the 80s

You know, we were watching I <3 the 80s.  It brings back such awesome memories.  Then, the hubby and I started talking.  It seems that kids today have no fear.  I mean, so much from the 80s was so political and reflective of what was going on then.  We both agreed that we had this fear that we could be nuked at any time.  Remember the Soviet Union?  So scary to us.  Of course, I mentioned the Soviet Union to a younger person, and they actually asked, "What's the Soviet Union?"  Really?!

Do you remember this video?  Genesis making one of the most creepy videos of all of the 80s.
Plus, we noticed how many of those people are now dead.
Am I the only person who found this scary?

The there was the movie, The Day After.

It was a made for TV movie dealing with the US being nuked and the aftermath in Kansas.
I was traumatized by this in 1983.

Then there was the mother of all fear inducing movies, Red Dawn.

Oh how I completely was petrified of the impending invasion of the Commies.  

I guess my point is that even with everything going on in the world, even though the aftermath of 9/11 is a little farther away, but still recent, kids today do not seem to have that feeling of doom hanging over their heads.  They fear nothing... of course, many do not seem to care about much either.

On to the fun stuff.

Weren't they the consummate style of the early 80s?  Look at that rockin' makeup and hair!

Then there were these rockin' babes, whom I still freakin' adore!

Since V8grrl brought up bringing back the tube top, it's got me feeling the early 80's and late 70s.  I may have to revert for a while.  I'm feeling like loads of eyeliner, red lipstick and horizontal lines of blush...
Rock on!

Now, for the boring gym update.

3/12 - split squats, 2 - 12.5lb dumbbells
3/12 - plie squates, 35lb dumbell
3/12 - seated leg press, 145lbs
3/12 - hamstring curl, 30lbs
3/12 - quad extensions, 35lbs
Cardio circuits

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