Sunday, 20 February 2011

Getting out of the "girly" sized dummbells!

Yesterday was a big deal for me at the gym.  I got out of the "girly" dumbbells for my upper body workout!
Oh yeah!

I'm getting into the big boy sizes & I'm feeling this great sense of satisfaction about it.
I know the visible changes will be coming soon.  I just feel it.

I even ventured over to the bikini section and started eyeing some out.

Upper Body:

Tricep kickback (each arm): 10lb dumbbell, 3/10
Bicep Curls: 2-15lbs 1/4, 2-12.5lbs, 1/5, 2-12.5lbs, 1/8, 2-12.5lbs, 1/4 2-10lbs, 1/6
Dumbbell Bent Rows: 2 - 12.5lbs, 3/12
Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 2 - 10lbs, 3/10
Seated Dumbbell Military Press: 2 - 10lbs, 2/10
Overhead dumbbell extension: 1 - 12.5lb, 3/6
Shoulder shrugs: 2 - 12.5lb, 3/12
Forearm curls & extensions: 2 - 12.5lbs, 3/12


I feel sleeveless shirts and tank tops in the near future!!

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