Thursday, 3 February 2011

fun, fun, fun

She's on a mission to make 2011 ~ The Year of the Tube Top!
I'm already excited with anticipation to go on a hunt for a sequinned 70's number.
If all else fails, I'm headed to the fabric store for stretch sequin fabric, the more tacky, colorful the better!

Today's Gym Report
Well, today was cardio.  I hitched on my Nike +ipod and ran, ran so far awaaaayy.  Unfortunately, my little buddy only recorded a 0.98 mile run.  When I tried to recalibrate, well, it only let me choose up to 1.33 miles.  The treadmill clocked 2.25 miles.  Needless to say, I was bummed out.  I've collected about 8 miles that are not sent over to the site for my 211 miles in 2011 with all the little problems since I got my nano touch screen for Christmas.  
I'm thinking that my sensor is going kaput.  So, for Valentine's Day I asked for a new sensor.  Now, I'll have to get the hubby something... or just put out.

Oh large thighs, will you ever reduce with the rest of my body?

Lastly, I had a blast this past weekend doing a photo shoot with my friends, Norman Dillon and his wife Susan who owns Kitty Mae Millinery & Acessories .  It was fun to play dress up and get pictures taken.  Here's a sneak peak of one pic.  The bow is from her wedding line, the Clara.  Get it? Clara Bow? hehe
The dress is one I nabbed at the thrift store for $5.  All in all, we did four dress changes.  I'm excited to see more.  P.s. - my eyes are not that color ;)  I wish, but mine are blue.

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